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Online tool for monitoring media and measuring PR

Welcome to Mediametric, the easiest way to track performance of any contributor, article or media on the web. Every day we monitor more than 350.000 sources and nearly 2.000.000 stories, counting shares, comments and citations for every single one of them.


Build your custom rating using our set of flexible filters that will suit even the most specific needs. Want to find out the most cited contributors in tech for the last month? We can do that. Interested in your media's most commented articles for the past three days? No problem. You can even subscribe to your personal rating so that you can easily review it every week. Or day. Or month. It's up to you. One more thing: this is all free.


Mediametric is a very capable analytical tool powered by an engine we constantly update, adding new features and making it even better. Our users' opinion is very important, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, do not hesitate to share them.


We love data and media - and we are ready to share what we collect. To see our latest researches, check out our blog. If you have any specific interest or want us to do research for you, feel free to contact us at info@mediametric.com. We will be happy to cooperate.


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See you in our ratings!


Mediametric team