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News monitoring 24/7. Track every mention of a specific company or individual online and get up-to-date mobile notifications. Export the most valuable information to PDF and EXCEL
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A detailed PR measurement dashboard allows you to evaluate key strengths and weaknesses from various perspectives and compare these results with other market players
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Media ratings allow you to explore the activity and impact of numerous media outlets. Choose which sources you want to work with
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Monitor News
Mediametric makes it simple to locate new articles enabling users to search by name, author, and source as well as by other relevant criteria. Export most valuable information to PDF or EXCEL. For those who are always on the move, our mobile app is the ideal fit. Each day we monitor more than 350k media outlets including all of the top Internet-based media outlets and news agencies. Daily monitoring of more than 1M articles allows you to always stay up-to-date with current trends.
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350 000+
Each day we monitor more than 350k media outlets including all top Internet-based outlets and news agencies
2 000 000+
articles / day
Daily monitor of more than 1M articles allows to always keep your eye on the ball
Analyze PR
Get your detailed PR efficiency analysis
Compare scores with your competitors, examine strengths, detect weak points, and asses the results using our vast array of indixes. Always be one step ahead
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Ideal Articles Index (IA)
Evaluation of PR quality. This is achieved by comparing a given article to an ideal article metric. Ideal Article is an abstract maximum of PR success which is obtained using a combination of media outlet popularity and the level of positive bias towards a company or individual
Social Index (SI)
Highlights the rate of article audience engagement in social media, represented as a dimension of the overall amount of social interaction (articles likes, comments, shares, ect.)
PR Index (PRI)
Is a measure of the approximate PR coverage estimation based on an evaluation of PR quality (IA) and audience engagement (SI). Allows users to compare different companies by their ability to reach their audience via PR
Sentiment Index
The overall number of positive and negative articles about a company or individual. Includes not only articles with an author's directly expressed opinion, but also all contextually relevant information mentioned that could directly impact or reflect public opinion
Main Topic Articles
The amount of articles about a company or individual. We distinguish those articles which strictly focus on the company from those with intermittent mentions
Citations Index
This index portrays the quality and exclusiveness of relevant articles cited in other media sources. The Citations Index highlights the quality and tone of the cited content in context
Media By Social Actions
Top Media outlets ranked according to Facebook metrics + article comments
Writers By Social Actions
Top Writers ranked according to Facebook metrics + article comments
Explore Media
Compare writers, media and articles using various parameters including social stats, number of comments and citations, measure quality and exclusiveness of their content
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