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Press About Us
Since the start of 2017, IJR has grown its news and video teams by announcing eight new hires were joining the site, and quickly followed up that expansion by announcing veteran reporter Erin McPike was joining as well as IJR\'s White House Correspondent.
During Super Bowl LI, IJR Fellow Josh Billinson and reporter/editor Virginia Kruta published the top two most engaged articles on Facebook during the event, according to Mediametric:
Whether it's Hillary's emails or Trump's lewd comments, both candidates have had their share of scandal this election.
Which generated the most buzz? Mediametric is breaking it down by the number of articles written about each scandal, citations, and Facebook likes. The data may surprise you.
Mediametric can be used for monitoring your own social and media impact, of your place within the media.
Though Mediametric is still technically in private beta, if you request an invite access will be given fairly swiftly. Longer term, Mediametric could sprout into a B2B product as well, but for now it's all about garnering feedback before it sheds its beta tags later this year. received early access to Mediametric's report. When it comes to which albums received the most coverage this summer, Miguel's Wildheart, Muse's Drones, and Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money led the pack.
Meek's sophomore studio LP joined Major Lazer's Peace Is The Mission and The Weeknd's Beauty Behind The Madness at the top of the list of articles that got the most social media shares for articles mentioning those albums.
Eddie Redmayne was arguably one of the biggest winners of the evening, along with the Birdman movie, and following the ceremony they dominated social media, and the media in general.
According to a new infographic released by Mediametric, Birdman, which won the 'Best Picture' award was mentioned 4,080 times prior to the ceremony, but after its big win, the movie saw a boost with a massive 9,393 mentions.
Harper ist Professor an der Universitaet von Pennsylvania und forscht unter anderem ueber Maennlichkeitsbilder.
Sein Beitrag gehoert laut der Analysefirma Mediametric zu den am meisten auf Facebook geteilten, seitdem Trumps Video-Skandal oeffentlich wurde. Harper schreibt, dass diese Art, ueber Frauen zu reden, keinesfalls auf Umkleidekabinen beschraenkt sei.